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  C++ Level 2

Practice Quiz 1 - Compiling, Linking and Executing

There are 10 questions in this quiz

Question 1: Multiple Choice       

Source code .cpp files are saved as:
Choice 1 binary files
Choice 2 ordinary text files
Choice 3 doc files
Choice 4 machine code files

Question 2: Multiple Choice       

Compiling a program means:

Choice 1 converting object code to source code
Choice 2 converting executable code to object code
Choice 3 converting source code to object code
Choice 4 running a program

Question 3: Multiple Choice       

Which type of file can be used to run a program:

Choice 1 obj
Choice 2 cpp
Choice 3 dsw
Choice 4 exe

Question 4: Multiple Choice      

What does the linker do?

Choice 1 it links object and library files to make an exe
Choice 2 it is part of the compiling process
Choice 3 it links source code files into object files
Choice 4 it executes a program

Question 5: Multiple Choice       

To use the cout function, which library file do you need to include in your program?

Choice 1 you don't need to include any file
Choice 2 iostream.h
Choice 3 cout.h
Choice 4 iostream.c

Question 6: Multiple Choice     

In Visual C++, the menu command for linking files is called

Choice 1 build
Choice 2 clean
Choice 3 compile
Choice 4 execute

Question 7: Multiple Choice       

Compiler errors are usually caused by

Choice 1 syntax errors
Choice 2 logical errors
Choice 3 run-time errors
Choice 4 missing files

Question 8: Multiple Choice       

What type of programming language is C++

Choice 1 procedural
Choice 2 scripting
Choice 3 linear
Choice 4 object-orientated

Question 9: Multiple Choice       

The programming language C++

Choice 1 was developed before the programming language C
Choice 2 developed independently of any other language
Choice 3 evolved from the programming language Basic
Choice 4 evolved from the programming language C

Question 10: Multiple Choice       

The ANSI standard tries to ensure that

Choice 1 executable files are portable between different platforms
Choice 2 source code will only work on the windows platform
Choice 3 source code is portable between different platforms
Choice 4 files will link properly